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For individuals that want to beat poverty and unemployment today.


For businesses that want to sell their products to international markets.

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How we help

In the export business, it doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer testing international waters for the first time or an established exporter looking to grow your business abroad. Your main challenge is always to find buyers for the goods or services you provide. Selling in an unknown country is never easy. There are physical distances, cultural differences and language barriers to consider, among other things. Luckily, we live in a time where technological advances have shrunk our world and brought us closer. This means it’s easier to find foreign buyers for your export business today than it was, 20 years ago.

The three main components of an effective export business strategy are:

Finding a Market
Finding Buyers
Delivering to Buyers

How we are different


In building relationships with key actors in the supply chain industry, negotiating cost and developing agreements that ultimately help a company grow and become more profitable. We also do the same thing for the logistics.

Purpose Driven

And reflecting on unique experiences in life. We are channeling these experiences into projects that would make tremendous impacts on people's lives. We are advocating to eliminate unemployment.

Core strength

Is in improving the supply chain or purchasing operations of a company or business. We work with suppliers and vendors to negotiate contracts and improve processes related to receiving parts and inventory.