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About Us

Think local, Act global

We exist to make a positive difference

BWB Trading is an organisation that promotes social enterprise activities. We earn our revenue from our products and services performed in the marketplace. We do not do this to create shareholder value. We do this to create community value – making a positive social impact is our central purpose.

When we think about community value, we believe in the positive impact that comes from business to business activities. B2B as it is popularly referred to makes an amazing difference to people’s lives. It is the means by which the most marginalised in our society can access jobs, education, healthcare – and even the freedom to distribute their product from one country to another, so central to our quality of life.

Our social mission is to provide opportunities for business leaders, enhance people’s lives and bring people and communities together through trading and training.

International Reach | Global Capacity

In closing the wide gap of less African participation in world trade, we are making a commitment to eradicate poverty through promotion of international trade from sellers to buyers.

Our services are win-win because they are continuous and reliable for business opportunities for our clients to ensure that at every stage of production such as raw material discovery, ingredients, finished products, marketing, business development, quality control and logistics can work in sync.

With the right focus, the right time, and the right market strategy, our services give clients a new and powerful momentum for the future. Our international partners services help make our efforts a reality.

We make your company an international supplier thanks to our mutual trust-based connections, global customer portfolio and strong infrastructure for all sectors. We deal with all the commercial details, from raw materials to almost all potential sectors of the industry, from production to marketing, regardless of sectoral differences. We are opening doors to win-win and easy trade opportunities. Under the guidelines of the “win-win” principle, we prefer to win together.