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Connecting with potential foreign suppliers and marketing your product abroad is crucial to global success.

Global Supply Chain Services


For each demand, we follow a methodology and define the needs of our partners. Surveys are carried out based on International standards for these items on the basis of Quality, Cost, and lead time. It is only after this, that purchasing is encouraged by protecting the benefits of the partner company.


Whether it is dealing with foreign suppliers or determining the feasibility of potential locations.


As specialists in the field of global trade, we can help with any problem you might have.

Flexibility And Tempo

In complex job orders, the lead time to delivery can take between four and six months.

We Are Offering Services To Support Business And Global Development In Various Sectors.

Global Marketing Services

New Markets For Your Products

We have set up an expert marketing team with detailed information on the products we represent to ensure the development of an efficient marketing process. The price and product mix of the target markets are determined and connections are established. In line with the efficient marketing strategies conducted by BWB Global Trade, the products are delivered to their buyers at their designated points in the world based on agreed incoterms and payment terms. This means that the product becomes a global brand without the need for any intervention of the partner company.

Market Research

When doing business internationally, don't go in blind. Our research team is excellent at preparing you and your business for success abroad.

Planning & Strategy

Through our planning and strategy development office, we follow a flexible marketing plan to sell your products to the international market.


More than just customised, our solutions for our clients are innovative and bold. We take appropriate levels of risk and leverage our extensive networks, technology, and experience to come up with solutions to hard problems.


Finding the best promoting methods for your products and start to promote to local buyers at your target market.

Agro-Allied Industry

Energy & Lighting Industry

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We provide quality and solution-oriented services from the first stage to the last. By means of our extensive marketing network, strong financial structure and professional staff specialized in the field; we implement optimum solutions in the shortest time possible.

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